Our World

Our Fight

Join us in our worldwide quest to find a cure and protect future generations from pancreatic cancer.

Accelerating the race for a cure

The John E. Sabga Foundation is a non-profit foundation started in Trinidad and Tobago and plans to expand globally. Our primary focus is accelerating the race for an early detection test for pancreatic cancer and ultimately aid in finding a cure. The foundation honors John Sabga who died at the age of 56 in January 2017 after a valiant 10-month battle with pancreatic cancer. We: his family, friends and colleagues, honor his memory and bravery by forging forward on a relentless journey to help in the global fight. By raising funds we will help develop specific research studies and clinical trials that will assist in finding the answers to eradicate this devastating disease.

The J.E.S Foundation will also focus on pancreatic cancer education and support in Trinidad and Tobago in an effort to wage hope for those suffering from this disease.

John Edmond Sabga
January 5th, 1961 - January 26th, 2017

Our Mission

To educate the public and help fund research to cure pancreatic cancer. A strategic alliance with the world-renowned Dr. Daniel Von Hoff in partnership with the TGen Foundation, will ensure that funds are effectively used. The J.E.S Foundation urges everyone to get involved in this worldwide race!
Create a world where pancreatic cancer is cureable
Once pancreatic cancer has metastasized there is no way to cure it. The lack of early detection and hidden symptoms of this cancer often lead to late diagnosis.
Encourage the formation of pancreatic cancer support groups
While research proves the benefits of support groups, most patients don’t attend. We hope to encourage a safe, comforting and understanding environment for those in need.
Raise public awareness and help fund research for pancreatic cancer
While knowledge of pancreatic cancer is increasing, many think “it can’t be that bad” but as the pancreas is hidden, and the disease progresses quietly, it is often underestimated.

Pancreatic Cancer In Numbers

Patients die within the first year of diagnosis
Leading cause of cancer related death
Patient will die within the first 5 years
Early detection methods available